What equipment will I need to purchase for my online Film SL course?

Film equipment: A student does not have to purchase an expensive camera for the online Film SL course , although some cameras will allow the user to have more lens options (zoom/wide, aperture, shutter speed, depth of field). 

One camera our Head of Film recommends is a DSLR (Canon T3i, T4i or T5i), with other equipment/software such as Rode Videomic, Zoom H4n, Adobe CS6.

We recommend using a camcorder that has a zoom/wide function, an external microphone, and SD storage.  With this type of setup the student will be able to do most of the shooting using hand-held shots or placing the camera on a stable surface.  You can purchase cheaper tripods (for US$10-20) that will last for the entire two-year class period.  

Editing footage: we recommend Adobe CS6, Final Cut X (Mac) or Sony Vegas. You can  shop around for less expensive options but some of those programmes will limit the student in his/her ability to make artistic choices in the editing field (iMovie, Windows Movie Maker).

Recording tasks: There will be some sound recording tasks in the online course that will require a student to capture audio recordings.  Students can record sound into a computer using programmes such as Audacity (a free programme) or Audition (CS6) and a simple microphone that plugs into the computer (USB or 3.5mm).  Another option is to use a portable digital recording device. 

Other items to purchase: cables to connect all equipment together (sound cable, USB)

To have the most options for artistry (which will help in the IB assessments), a student can get a kit for under $350 and put together a good product.

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