Philosophy and Standards

Manifesting the IB Mission and IB Educational Philosophy

Pamoja Education online courses are designed and delivered to manifest the IB Mission Statement; to promote the IB’s educational philosophy and uphold the fundamental IB educational principles of student centered, inquiry-based instruction. Pamoja Education provides a truly “global classroom” with students and teachers from around the world; as such we take great pride in providing an environment that promotes student understanding of and respect for individual, national and cultural difference

Course Development and Delivery Standards

IB-approved Subject Matter Experts and Course Evaluators collaborate with Pamoja Education in a rigorous process to ensure that instruction meets security standards, fulfills specific IB subject guide requirements, includes a variety of learning activities, considers different learning styles, can provide students with assignment alternatives and can accommodate students with specific educational needs.

Commitment to Data Privacy

Pamoja Education is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of our community members. We are registered as Data Collectors with the United Kingdom Information Commissioner’s Office’s Data Protection Register. Our responsibilities towards collecting, storing and processing data comply with the Data Protection Act of 1988.

Like any school, Pamoja Education requires personal details of students in order to fulfill our duty of care. All information provided to us is stored on secure servers. Strict procedures and security features are in place to prevent unauthorized access to data.

Our full Privacy Policy together with our website Terms of Use are both available on our Admissions website. They set out the basis on which any personal data collected from or provided by users will be processed by Pamoja Education. Parties who do not want us to use their data for the purposes of direct marketing of our educational services should check or uncheck (as directed) the relevant box situated on the data collection forms. 

Standard Course Features

Pamoja Education's online IB courses:

  • have the same status as a course taught in a traditional face-to-face IB classroom
  • are developed and delivered in accordance with the IB's rigorous online course approval standards to meet formal IB assessment requirements:
    • internal assessments are fully recognized by the IB, and are equivalent in rigour and status to those in a face-to-face classroom
    • final assessments are taken under normal examination conditions, in the students’ own school(s)
  • are developed and delivered by experienced IB teachers, specially trained in online pedagogy and the use of the Pamoja Education learning management system
  • feature highly interactive (student-teacher) and collaborative (student-student) activities
  • make use of important Web tools (Wikis, Webinars, RSS Feeds, Blogs etc)
  • encourage students to develop their own ability to learn
  • feature asynchronous instruction with opportunities for synchronous instruction and interaction
  • provide a safe place for learning with strict data privacy policies and procedures
  • are supported by a trained Site-based Coordinator on the school campus who supports and monitors students, and who keep parents and the school’s Diploma Coordinator informed of student progress
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