The Pamoja Education Academic Calendar

The Pamoja Education academic calendars for May and November session courses are established in conjunction with the IB prior to course commencement and all students abide by this calendar.    

Course Schedule

The course schedule is embedded in each course home page and is reviewed regularly throughout the course. Pamoja Education online courses run over two years, and the two-year course is split into 7 terms. For exact dates, please refer to the calendars on the Calenders & Resources page of the Pamoja Education Website. Students and Site-based Coordinators are able to view course content for an entire semester in advance, to facilitiate planning for their future studies.

Aligning with Different IB World School Calendars

Obviously it is impossible for the Pamoja Education online course calendar to align perfectly with every school calendar in the world. The potential “disconnect” between the Pamoja Education academic calendar and a student’s face-to-face school calendar can be one of the biggest challenges of managing student performance in online IB courses. Student self-discipline, Site-based Coordinator support and proactive communication with teachers are essential in order for students to “mind the gap” between their face-to-face school year and their online school year.

 Motivating students to keep pace in their courses independently on a regular basis is not always easy, especially when they are on a school holiday or when they are involved in extra-curricular activities.

 We ask for Site-based Coordinator support in communicating the following expectations to our students regarding their commitment to their online course calendar:

  • Regular course attendance and participation is essential: Students are expected to fulfill their commitment to their course of study according to the Pamoja Education academic calendar. Please remind students that they are expected to log into their courses regularly, engage in weekly discussions and activities, and submit assignments on a regular basis – no matter what the conditions may be.
  • Notification about future absence is required: Just as in a face-to-face class, students are expected to plan ahead and communicate with their online teachers about potential disruptions. Please remind students to inform teachers well in advance if they are committed to a school trip or family holiday that may cause limited internet access.                                    

Pamoja Education respects the fact that Site-based Coordinators know their students best and are well placed to know which need motivation and how to achieve this. The above requests are made in the best interests of our students and in support SBCs.

IB Deadlines

The Pamoja Education Academic Calendar also fulfills requirements to align with important IB administrative deadlines for IB candidate registration, the IB internal assessment process and the submission of IB predicted grades. For a full overview of important IB dates regarding Internal Assessment and Predicted Grades procedures please refer to the SOP - Internal Assessment.


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