The Pamoja Education "Global" Week

The Pamoja Education academic week begins and ends on Tuesdays at 11:00pm GMT. With weekends falling "midweek," those students with full academic schedules can take advantage of some catch-up time over the traditional weekend to meet assignment deadlines on Tuesday.

The start and end time of 11:00 pm GMT is designed to create a “global” schedule that can accommodate population densities and standard school-day timetables around the world. While an online course week finishes for a Pamoja Education student in Los Angeles at 3:00 pm, a new week is just beginning for their online classmate at 8:00 am in Tokyo.                                                                            

Los Angeles

New York

London (GMT)


New Delhi



3:00 pm


6:00 pm


11:00 pm


2:00 am


4.30 am


8:00 am

Past Pamoja School Week Ends





New Pamoja School Week Starts


Course activities are grouped under week titles in the Lessons section. All student activities in a week of lessons are to be completed by the last day of the week: Tuesday at 11:00 pm GMT. Ideally, students should log in every day of the week. While students have the entire week to complete activities according to their own schedule, they are required to engage with the course material and post comments in discussions regularly – at least five days throughout the week – in order to contribute to collaborative learning and get the most out of the ongoing activities.    

As noted above, in order for students to complete a course successfully they need to participate regularly throughout each week and complete all activities. The majority of past students have found that the activities – including online and offline work – require about the same amount of time as for other Standard and Higher Level courses in face-to-face conditions, although some reported needing more time to settle into their courses at the start of the year.

Students are encouraged to keep pace. With each new week, new tasks are assigned, each task building upon lessons from the previous week. In order to facilitiate student planning and time managment, both Students and Site-based Coordinators are able to view course content for an entire semester in advance. If students suspect that they may not have online access to courses for more than a day or two, or if they do fall behind for some reason, they should notify their teacher immediately. Teachers will help students to catch up if necessary.


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