Mission and Educational Goals

About Us

Pamoja Education is a social enterprise working in cooperation with the International Baccalaureate to provide online Diploma Programme courses. The online courses, taught by highly qualified and experienced IB teachers, support the IB initiative to increase global access to the Diploma Programme. Pamoja Education is fully accredited by The Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) as a Supplementary Education Program/Center. Profits benefit the McCall MacBain Foundation, supporting health and education.

Mission Statement           

Pamoja Education’s mission is to support students in achieving their full potential through innovative teaching and learning within a global online community. We use online teaching methodologies to place the learner at the centre of the teaching and learning process. We provide online courses to promote self-management, creative and critical thinking and international understanding.

As a sustainable social enterprise Pamoja Education contributes to the McCall MacBain Foundation’s charitable programmes. We support the foundation as it continues to seek out new opportunities to invest in both individuals and organisations that stimulate local communities and promote the more equitable distribution of health and education.


  • We encourage creative thinking and learning.
  • We aspire to innovate.
  • We strive to maintain high quality standards.
  • We act with integrity and show respect.
  • We demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

Educational Goals

It is our goal that Pamoja Education (PJE) online IB students will:

  • manifest the IB mission statement
  • manifest the features of the IB learner profile
  • master the relevant IB subject knowledge and skills, in accordance with the IB Diploma subject guides
  • master the 21st century learning skills, including the ability use real-world digital tools to:
  • access, evaluate and effectively apply information
  • work independently and collaboratively to achieve specific goals
  • communicate information clearly and effectively using a variety of online media
  • demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in thinking patterns, work habits and working conditions
  • manage their own learning while meeting deadlines

With these goals in mind, Pamoja Education is dedicated to working with a range of education stakeholders, including The International Baccalaureate, Schools, Students, Site-based Coordinators (SBCs), Teachers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Education Associations and independent education consultants.


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